I wish I could be

A ship out to sea

Wouldn’t it be novel

To embark outside this bottle

A crystalline voice and sentiment as clear as a child’s conscience –this is the marrow of folk singer-songwriter, Joni Fatora. At 22, her songs lure the heart like a siren and whisper with history as old as fisherman’s tales. There is no loud diversion; she is a writer in its purest form, a storyteller, and her life is the inkwell.

The daughter of a Sailor, Joni’s childhood carried her on a voyage across the world, always tied to the ocean. From the Mediterranean to the Sea of Japan and both the Atlantic and Pacific, her comfort lies in the uprooting. Her new five-song EP, aptly titled "Navigator," explores that unrest. Growing up, Joni’s parents couldn’t offer their young daughter much musical aptitude. Instead they offered her an acoustic guitar and a life worth writing about. It was with this alchemic uncovering that she began to spin her stories into songs.

Joni took close to a year to create "Navigator," finding a muse in Dreamland Recording Studio and enlisting the help of her close musical collaborators, Noise Club (Chris Petrosino and Rob McCurdy). The mystic air of an old church turned recording studio helped inspire some of Joni’s favorite records including Fleet Foxes’ ‘Helplessness Blues’ and The National’s ‘Trouble Will Find Me’. With the aspirations to expound upon her previous release (Blue Road) and explore open waters she sings, “I wish I could be a ship out to sea.” What she doesn’t realize is that she is the ship and we are her eager passengers.